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Turizm alanındaki yeniliklerin öncüsü olan pe- tur yılında online bir portal olarak teknolojiyi turizmin hizmetine sunmuş ve profesyonellere hizmet. online fly service. 1982 yılında kurulan akdeniz pe- tur seyahat acentesi 1991 yılında iata olmuş ve kısa süre içerisinde türkiye’ nin en önemli acentesi haline gelmiştir. 000 hotels for more than 15. features of biletbank b2b online sales platform quick and easy access to 300+ scheduled airlines and 170+ low- cost and charter flights on a single platform, quick and easy access to more than 300, 000 current hotel inventory in more than 15, 000 destinations at the most affordable prices, payment by visa and mastercard debit or credit cards,. akdeniz pe- tur is the leading flight ticket consolidator in turkey and operates in 27 countries in europe, the middle east, africa, and the far east by its technology. 000 destinations in more than 150 countries.

biletbank b2b website ( biletbank b2b www. this project which is a product of our company’ s 30 years of experience and supported by tubitak is a fully complimentary system that aims enabling the travel agents to make fast and easy sales on a single screen. 000 hotel options. com) offers opportunity of online flight tickets, hotel, rent a car, insurance and transfer sale to travel agents. it offers more than 300. biletbank is an online sales platform specially designed for travel agents.

akdeniz pe- tur provides exclusive agreements and enriched content for online b2b service to more than 3. akdeniz petur tourism started to carry out activity as a travel agent group a in 1982 and became a member of iata in 1992 and it offers professional service by its 5 domestic and 3. 500 travel agencies, xml& api, oid integrations to more than 30 b2c. you may list all airline flights on the system by a single click and you may access the best available price in the fastest way while sorting these flights based on price and departure time. biletbank hakkında.

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